Our beginnings ...

Our beginnings ...

About us Dulcesol

A small bakery is born

The breadmaker begins
to make your first
bakery products

We launched the
Palmeritas: A classic
crispy puff pastry

The company moves to the
current factory in Villalonga.
The elaboration of
bakery products for
mass consumption.

We prepare the Valencianas
for the first time: A classic of the
Valencian pastries elaborated
with the traditional recipe.

Campaign with
Grace Morales

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We bring to light
that Pandorinos:
Delicious buns
cream fillings

We launch a new line
of products...

Our Panes:
A wide range of breads to enjoy

The most tender, without
palm fat

See campaign of the Soles

See campaign of the Soles



Av. D'Alacant, 134
46702 Gandia