Whole wheat croissant with no added sugar
Whole wheat croissant with no added sugar
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Whole wheat croissant with no added sugar

Energetic value

380 Kcal

Package units

10 uds

Package weight

0.27 kg

Energetic value

380 Kcal Kcal

Package units

10 uds

Package weight

0.27 g
0% added sugars, 80% less plastic. This is our new line of delicious wholemeal croissants and muffins with sustainable packaging. In addition, they are without palm fat, colorants or preservatives. Recycle and take care of the planet in the most natural way.



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Pastry and confectionery product.
whole wheat croissant with sweetener
Ingredients: Whole wheat flour WHEAT (45%), vegetable oils (sunflower, fully hydrogenated sunflower) in variable proportions, sweetener: maltitol, coconut fat, white EGG (3%), maltodextrin powder, yeast, EGG (1%), salt, wheat gluten, plant extract, flavorings, malt flour WHEAT, emulsifiers: E-471, E-472e and E-481, stabilizers: E-466 and E-412, colorant: carotenes and acidulant: E-270.

May contain traces of nuts, sesame grains, milk, soy and / or derived products.
Fiber source. High fiber content.
No added sugars *. (*) Contains naturally present sugars.
Target audience: General population except people with a special diet.

* Commercial Catalog data. There could be some discrepancy between the ingredients and the nutritional table on this sheet and that of the packaged product.

Nutritional information (100g)

Energetic value

Energy value (kJ / Kcal)


of which saturated


of which sugars

Dietary fiber


Sal Island

3 valuations Whole wheat croissant with no added sugar

  1. Dulcesolyyo -

    Today I want to talk about my favorite product @dulcesol. These are wholemeal croissants, I love products that are a source of fiber and on top of that if they are exquisite like these croissants, all the better. And you will be thinking: Wow, that's because they will have a lot of sugar, well, you know that they have 0% sugars and on top of that they are without colorants, without palm oil and without preservatives. Apart from its excellent taste, I want to congratulate @dulcesol because of the packaging in which these croissants come, since it is made of paper, so as good humans we consumers must put it in the paper container and thus help the environment.
    Come on, as you can see, I am delighted with these Integral Croissants that cheer my palate, my transit and my love for Mother Nature. So a very big kiss for everyone who makes it possible. @dulcesol

  2. ironyheartilly (Verified owner) -

    I love. I discovered them during the State of Alarm and they save me many breakfasts and dinners. They are a great source of fiber, without palm oil (I am allergic) and without sugar (my mother cannot consume it). They are especially delicious filled with baked cheese and ham or with a little dulce de leche, jam or nocilla. In addition, the packaging being made of paper helps to reduce plastic waste. Super recommended.

  3. juanitadr1961 -

    In a word, UNBEATABLE in flavor, texture and quality of their products. They do not contain palm oil and 0% added sugars. Who said that there are no pastries with these characteristics on the market? Well you know, Dulcesol does not stop innovating to produce quality products and make us all happy !!!

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