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Cereal bread and seeds

Energetic value

267 Kcal

Package units


Package weight

0.675 kg.

Energetic value

267 Kcals Kcals

Package units


Package weight

0.675 g
The 15 grain and seed bread contains oats, rye, wheat, barley, corn, spelled, sesame, millet, buckwheat, and soybeans. It is perfect to accompany the elements of a healthy diet in the form of toasts or sandwiches.




Special bread.
Cereal bread (19%) and seeds (1%)
Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, cereal mix (flakes OATS, whole wheat flour triticale, flour of BARLEY toasted milkshake, whole wheat flour RYE, corn flour, whole oatmeal flour, pregelatinized rice flour, whole wheat buckwheat flour, WHEAT spelled chopped, wheat flour khorasan, peeled millet), sugar, sunflower oil, yeast, bran WHEAT, seed mixture (flax, sunflower, SESAME), salt, wheat gluten, preservatives: E-282, E-200 and E-202, emulsifiers: E-471 and E-481, inactive sourdough of WHEAT and aroma.

May contain traces of eggs, soy, milk, nuts, mustard and / or derived products.
Low in saturated fat. Fiber source
Target audience: General population except people with a special diet.

Nutritional information (100g)

Energetic value

267 Kcal


4.3 g

of which saturated

0.7 g


45 g

of which sugars

6.3 g

Dietary fiber

4.4 g


9.9 g

Sal Island

1.1 g

3 valuations Cereal bread and seeds

  1. catternalia -

    This bread has become my favorite. Tasty and more nutritious and roasted is already from another world. Highly recommended.

  2. gemamoroi -

    The flavor and texture of this new version of sandwich bread is spectacular. Ideal both to take cold as a sandwich and to take hot on toast or in a sandwich maker. Highly recommended

  3. daphne859 -

    Delicious and with all the cereals. Healthy and delicious.

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