Pink Freakshake

Pink Freakshake with Soles de Dulcesol

We know that you are looking for delicious easy-to-prepare recipes to enjoy a good sweet moment, either to enjoy alone or with family or friends.

Discover how to prepare the Pink freakshake with vanilla, strawberries and Soles cocoa Dulcesol You are going to love this delicious recipe! It is ideal for any occasion, do you dare to prepare it? These are the ingredients and the step by step you will need to prepare this delicious sweet dessert:

Difficulty: Easy
: less than



For the smoothie:

700 ml vanilla ice cream

250 g. strawberries

150 ml. milk

For decoration:

Melted dark chocolate

Little stars of colors

Whipped cream

Mini soles cocoa Dulcesol



Strawberry syrup


In a mixing glass, add the vanilla ice cream, halved strawberries, and milk.

Blend at maximum speed until you get a homogeneous shake and reserve cold.

Dip the mouth of the presentation glass in the melted chocolate and then in the colored stars. Pour in the shake and cover with whipped cream.

Decorate with a mini sun for each shake held in a drinking straw, a cloud, a strawberry cut in half and a bit of strawberry syrup.

 And to enjoy!

Remember that you can share the photos of your Pink Freakshake on social networks with the hashtag #Dulcesol You can win a batch of products totally free!


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