Tiramisu with cocoa bites


Tiramisu with cocoa bites

Discover how to prepare this delicious tiramisu with chocolate sandwiches from Dulcesol You're going to love it!
In the following video you can see the ingredients and all the information to prepare this tiramisu recipe with chocolate snacks from Dulcesol You will see how easy and what a good result!

Difficulty: Easy
: less than




For the mascarpone cream:

Egg whites 4

Yolks 4

80 grams sugar

500 grams mascarpone cheese


For the cake layers:

12 cocoa bites Dulcesol

1 Long espresso


For decoration:

Cocoa powder


For the mascarpone cream: whip the whites until stiff and the yolks with the sugar until they double in volume.

Mix both with enveloping movements until a homogeneous mixture is obtained and add the mascarpone cheese little by little, also making enveloping movements. Reserve in the fridge.

For the base: wet the cocoa bites of Dulcesol with the espresso coffee, place half on the base of the serving dish and cover with half of the mascarpone cream.

Cover again with the sandwiches spread in coffee and finish with the rest of the cream decorating with the help of a pastry bag and curly nozzle. Sprinkle cocoa to taste and cool before serving.


And ready! Enjoy.


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