Dulcesol Black


Mint cheesecake with truffle cupcakes Dulcesol

Today we prepare a delicious mint cheesecake with truffle cupcakes from Dulcesol Discover the recipe, you will like it!

Roscón filled with nougat mousse

En Dulcesol We have roscones with different fillings and also a variety without filling so that you can let your imagination fly and fill it to your liking. Today we give you an idea ...

Cheescake for Halloween

Halloween is coming, the scariest night of the year, we know it! That is why we have prepared these delicious Cheescake with pumpkin, decorated for the occasion. You are going to love them!

Dulcesol Black with Spanish cinema

Macarons and many other products Dulcesol They are also present in the filming of the new comedy by director Ignacio Nacho and starring Pepón Nieto and Natalia Roig.

A special dinner

Last Saturday we were in the charming restaurant Ousteau de Altea (Alicante) together with the theater company that is representing the play "Ibá en seriously" which is so successful ...

Dulcesol Black at Euro-touches 2016

EURO-TOQUES is an international organization of chefs that integrates more than 3.500 chefs from 18 countries. It was founded by Pierre Romeyer, Paul Bocuse, Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana between ...

macarons Dulcesol Black decorated

Today we are going to give free rein to the imagination ... What would you add to the already attractive macarons? This is what I came up with, ...

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