Decorate the canes Dulcesol

Discover how to prepare this delicious and easy tiramisu with cocoa bites from Dulcesol You're going to love it!

Tiramisu with cocoa bites

Discover how to prepare this delicious and easy tiramisu with cocoa bites from Dulcesol You're going to love it!

Mint cheesecake with truffle cupcakes Dulcesol

Today we prepare a delicious mint cheesecake with truffle cupcakes from Dulcesol Discover the recipe, you will like it!

Mexican eggs with loaf bread

Eggs a la Mexicana, a perfect recipe to enjoy a good lunch or dinner. Doesn't it look irresistible?

Red Velvet Truffles for Valentine's Day

Make your Valentine fall in love with this delicious recipe for red velvet truffles Dulcesol. You will enjoy your sweetest moment. You will like it!

Rustic Chicken Burger

You like hamburguers? Enjoy this chicken burger recipe with the new rustic burger bun from Dulcesol with 100% biodegradable packaging You will love it!

Delicious star puff pastry with Top Cao cocoa cream Dulcesol

Who does not want something sweet and delicious from time to time? If you are tired of the usual recipes you are in luck. In this article we tell you how ...

Toast Egg Cloud

Enjoy this recipe for cloud egg toast with your sliced ​​bread Dulcesol favorite You will love them!

Christmas canapes with bread Dulcesol

Christmas is coming and on Dulcesol we want to surprise you with our most Christmas ideas and recipes. Today we bring you these delicious and original canapes made with sliced ​​bread from ...

Christmas Mini Chutney Burgers

Discover how to prepare these delicious miniburgers with chutney to enjoy this Christmas. You are going to love the recipe!

Christmas decoration with cream triangles Dulcesol

Have fun decorating your cream triangles Dulcesol favorites with these tricks Do you dare?

Christmas trees with cream triangles Dulcesol

This Christmas surprise your guests with this delicious and easy recipe with cream triangles Dulcesol decorated in the shape of Christmas trees. You are going to love them!

Christmas canapes Dulcesol

Thinking ideas for Christmas? Discover how to prepare these very easy canapés. You will love them!

Provolone stuffed burger

You like hamburguers? Enjoy this provolone burger recipe. You will love it!

Cheescake for Halloween

Halloween is coming, the scariest night of the year, we know it! That is why we have prepared these delicious Cheescake with pumpkin, decorated for the occasion. You are going to love them!

Terrifying gourmet burgers

Surprise them all on Halloween with this terrifyingly delicious burger. You'll love it!

Cereal and seed muffins filled with salty banana caramel

Are you a lover of muffins or cupcakes? Then you are going to love this recipe! You will only need to choose your muffins Dulcesol favorites and with this trick, you will give it a touch ...

Oat bread for breakfast. Properties and benefits

Oat bread is a soft, rustic and very nutritious bread, ideal for breakfast or a snack that provides you with many health benefits. Discover all the ...

Sandwich of 15 cereals with breaded mushrooms, jerky and mustard with Dulcesol

Are you a bread lover? Prepare in a very short time this delicious sandwich of breaded mushrooms, jerky and mustard with the 15-grain bread and fiber Dulcesol. Tea…

Cake of Soles

The recipe that we bring you today couldn't be simpler, and it couldn't be more attractive. I encourage you to try to make it and put it in your buffets ...

Flower cupcakes

This spring give an original bouquet of flowers. Prepare a bouquet of flowers with cupcakes! Decorate the cupcakes with frosting in the shape of flowers and present them in a bouquet. Ready…

Croissant Cake with Mascarpone

Today we bring you a surprising cake made from our extra-juicy croissant. This is one of those express recipes for the day you see a visit from ...

Carnival cake

Learn to prepare this fun cake that you can decorate with macarons from Dulcesol of different colors, chapelas cocoa and different types of soles with varied coverage. A carnival of ...

Animal cupcakes

In today's recipe we bring you our delicious muffins Dulcesol as a base to decorate some very wild cupcakes. We are going to decorate them with pasta ...

Soles of chocolate

These delicious soles chocolate will become these Easter days the favorite snack of young and old. A dessert that you can decorate with noodles and balls ...

Napolitans Chocolates

If there is something really easy to do, it is the Napolitanas. All you need is a sheet of puff pastry and chocolate! It's so quick and easy to do, it's worth it ...

Christmas macarons

At Dulcesol We bring you a simple and colorful one with which to surprise the family. Although depending on the skill and imagination of each one we can complicate it up to ...

Macarons tsum tsum Dulcesol

Today we propose a fun idea to do as a family or to surprise and that you can adapt with respect to your manual dexterity (or the age of the participants, ...

Quick and easy custard tarts and muffins

With only three ingredients you can prepare a simple dessert that everyone will like. It is only necessary to have on hand cupcakes of Dulcesol, chocolate and vanilla custard and ...

Wafer Cake and Top Cao

I really wanted to make this cake but I couldn't find the wafers ... I went through all the supermarkets in my area, and even tried to buy them online, ...

Milk bread pudding Dulcesol

For those of you who have never tried a pudding, it is like a flan with a semi-texture of sponge cake, which gives it the baked dough that we add.
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