Salty recipes


Mexican eggs with loaf bread

Eggs a la Mexicana, a perfect recipe to enjoy a good lunch or dinner. Doesn't it look irresistible?

Wholegrain stuffed croissants

Tired of the same old breakfasts? Discover this new idea to enjoy 0% added sugar croissants from Dulcesol You'll love it!

Rustic Chicken Burger

You like hamburguers? Enjoy this chicken burger recipe with the new rustic burger bun from Dulcesol with 100% biodegradable packaging You will love it!

Toast Egg Cloud

Enjoy this recipe for cloud egg toast with your sliced ​​bread Dulcesol favorite You will love them!

Christmas canapes with bread Dulcesol

Christmas is coming and on Dulcesol we want to surprise you with our most Christmas ideas and recipes. Today we bring you these delicious and original canapes made with sliced ​​bread from ...

Christmas Mini Chutney Burgers

Discover how to prepare these delicious miniburgers with chutney to enjoy this Christmas. You are going to love the recipe!

Christmas canapes Dulcesol

Thinking ideas for Christmas? Discover how to prepare these very easy canapés. You will love them!

Provolone stuffed burger

You like hamburguers? Enjoy this provolone burger recipe. You will love it!

Terrifying gourmet burgers

Surprise them all on Halloween with this terrifyingly delicious burger. You'll love it!

Croissants with ham and arugula

Tired of the same old breakfasts? Discover this new idea. A very simple recipe to prepare and enjoy at home. Today we propose you this delicious recipe to prepare with ...

Mini Quiches with sliced ​​bread Dulcesol

We know that you are looking for delicious easy-to-prepare recipes to enjoy a good sweet moment, either to enjoy alone or with family or friends.

Gourmet brioche burgers

Are you one of those who loves burgers? Of those who would eat a hamburger with bread day in and day out too? If you feel identified, this recipe is designed for you.

Mini turkey burgers

Turkey is a meat recommended to take care of the line because it is high in protein and low in fat. Also, with the hot spices that we add ...

Easy canapes for Christmas

At Christmas prepare these delicious canapes to surprise your guests. It is very easy to make and they are delicious. You can add salmon, spread cheese, seeds, whatever you like the most!

Vegan Beet Burger

Find out how to prepare this delicious vegan beetroot burger. A unique flavor that you are going to love! Very easy to prepare and really delicious and healthy. Find out how to prepare it step ...

Bacon and Vegetable Croque Cake

Today we bring you a delicious salty recipe that we also love! We are going to teach you how to prepare this croque cake with bread with flax seeds Dulcesol (special flavor bread ...

Sandwich of 15 cereals with breaded mushrooms, jerky and mustard with Dulcesol

Are you a bread lover? Prepare in a very short time this delicious sandwich of breaded mushrooms, jerky and mustard with the 15-grain bread and fiber Dulcesol. Tea…

Pumpkin with Vanilla, Baby Carrot and Pumpkin Bites with Frozen Smoked Milk

Next we leave you the recipe prepared by Chef Manuel Alonso. A haute cuisine dessert for 6 people and suitable for all seasons. You will leave your guests surprised ...

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